Terry Jarvis Watercolour Artist | About
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Terry Jarvis is one of Australia’s exceptional watercolour Artists. His passion  for his craft and his love of the wonderful medium of watercolour is revealed through his varied subject matter ranging from magnificent Australian Scenes, to paintings of his travels which include The Greek Islands, Tuscany, Italy, Finland, Northern Ireland, Sweden, etc., etc….He is a much sought after Tutor across the Globe in Watercolour. He usually has sell‐out workshop tours to  The Greek islands, Tuscany, and other wonderful places around the Globe. He has been a regular tutor at the legendary Bathurst Summer and winter schools for the last 10 years and is a regular teacher of watercolour in most States in Australia each year.

His Exhibitions are always a great success, and he exhibits in Galleries in most Capital cites in the Na6on. He is an Award winner in his chosen field, and his work hangs in collections in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Japan, U.K., U.S.A., Finland, Northern Ireland, Italy, and many other Countries around the World. He has worked with Aboriginal groups in The Northern Territory and with Kosavar refugees during their 6me of turmoil and displacement. During their temporary stay in Tasmania he worked with them with Exhibitions, Murals and encouragement in the Arts.

He was the instigator, and organiser of the “In the steps of Sir Hans Heysen” Exhibition in 2010/2011 in Hahndorf celebrating the life of a legend of Watercolour bringing together 9 of Australia’s top watercolour Artists to paint Heysens subject matter in their own style. Part of that Exhibition was held in Heysen’s Studio, an Australian First. He has written feature articles for Australian Artist Magazine, and is a featured Artist in 2 Books, “The New Encyclopaedia of Watercolour Techniques” , and  “Watercolour Secrets”, both London Publications.

Terry conducted a workshop tour with International Artist Magazine in Nov.2012 “In the Steps of Heysen” travelling into the Flinders Ranges/Burra, and the Clare Valley/finishing o at Heysen’s home, “The Cedars” in Hahndorf. He was the Tutor for the “In the footsteps of Monet in Watercolour” Tour in France in 2013, following his Tuscany Tours for that year. This year he is tutoring watercolour tours in Greek Islands,Tuscany,Norfolk Island and is part of a special Exhibition representing Australia in Dalian, China.He has regular Exhibitions in Scandinavia, workshops in Tuscany, Greek islands, France, Australian Exhibitions, and has lots of fun! – More to come!